domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Angel Bride

Lily Aldridge is the face of the new Victoria´s Secret Bridal Collection. Divided in three sections, Bachelorette, Wedding Day and Honeymoon, the pieces are, sexy, mysterious, full of transparent baby dolls and silk&lace panties. All you need for the big day ( and night)! 

" Sexy Little Bride is Victoria’s Secret name for a range of wedding day lingerie and products from the Bachelorette party through to the honeymoon.   You can purchase a Bridal tank with the slogan “Bride” or “Just Married” on for $32.  Or perhaps you would prefer a French maid outfit for $78?  If subtle and sexy is more your style, Victoria’s Secret has that too with flirty, silky lingerie and babydolls. " 


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