quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2011

Treasures of the Queen of Sheba

Today I leave you with this "old" 2008 editorial from Luxe, a Polish magazine. I think it is just perfect, love the pops of color, the rich fabrics, the turbans and the Masai tribe jewelry . wow! It´s really inspirational!

Roberto Cavalli dress.Gallery Etnica, Marta Cabo and H & M jewelry.

Silk body from Guess. Chanel shoes. Turban, Kenzo. Vintage jewelry Karina Krolak (brooches), Etnica Gallery and Swarovski (rings).

Reserved Top Fashion. Jewellery My Moon, Wallis. Headgear Joan Denier. /  Plich dressKimono  Eiko Hattori. Joan Denier Headgear.

Tara Jarmon dress. Anna Długołęcka Masai jewelry. Necklaces Gallery Etnica,. Earings Aneta Fatyga.

Anna Długołęcka coat. DSquared top.  Roberto Cavalli skirt. Lilla Fashion Cisek's shoes. Shop India Jewellery . Joan Denier hatAneta Fatyga earrings.  /  Pinko dress. Kimono Gallery Daruma belt. Karina Krolak jewelry. 

 Matt ary dress. Anna Długołęcka masai necklace. Aneta Fatyga earrings. Guess shoes. / Top World China cape and ornaments made ​​of feathers. Swarovski ring.

Onoszko Monika sweater. Karina Krolak necklace. Aneta Fatyga earrings.

Photographed : Robert Wolanski
Styled:  Anna Jurgaś


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